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Think BIG Art Camp: Day 4

Today may have been the last day of camp - but we went out with a MESS!!! Gross Motor Body Painting is my favorite style of painting and I couldn't wait to share it with my new friends.

Our campers and their families arrived to a mini showcase of our group projects from this week!

Day 4:

*Gross Motor Body Painting*

As the campers arrived they could participate in a group painting activity to get their toes ready for some action!

We HAD to take a photo of all of our messy faces!

And of course that meant we had to take a silly one too!

*Creative Play*

As we took turns painting our BIG pictures inside the studio, our friends who were patiently waiting were able to play around outside. I noticed some of our friends were interested in building a balance beam!

Together we came up with a way to set up the planks of wood without risk of them flying up in our faces.

The girls wanted to take this balance exploration even further by lengthening the beam.

Some campers chose to practice their leaps by jumping over our bushes!

(And sometimes through them!)

Our campers again enjoyed exploring with our tunnels! Some were interested in using them as a means to transport balls.

Some used them like an elephant! If you spoke into the tunnel your voice became deep and loud!

No matter what we were doing - we were always having fun!

*Wooden Sculptures*

To continue building upon our construction skills, each of us made our own building, tower, or sculpture.

These sisters are in sync!

Our finished sculptures! Ask us what they are!

It wouldn't be a Side by Side project without messy hands!

"We're going to stick ourselves together!" -Camper

WHAT A DAY!!! This week was a whirlwind of silliness! Each camper brought their own unique personality to our studio filling it with laughs and wonder!


I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Have a happy summer and get messy every once and awhile!

See you next week with a new camp filled with new friends!


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