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The Whole Child: Wednesday Group 10.11.17 & 10.18.17

Leaves, leaves, and more LEAVES! Our collection of leaves from our nature walks has provided us with a plethora of nature inspired activities! Gotta love free natural learning tools! :-


*Leaf Classification*

Over the past couple of weeks we have been separating and labeling leaves according to their sizes. This week we continued our practice with colors. The kiddos sorted through a basket of leaves and taped them onto the paper with the coordinating color written on it. This experience not only helped us distinguish color differences, but also helped us recognize color words and spell them out. During our Together Time, we can count how many leaves of each color we have, therefore, reinforcing our counting skills. T and F took it upon themselves to add more leaves on our posters throughout the day.

"I have an idea! I'll do the tape and you hold the leaf!" - F to T

"No bugs on there!" - T exclaimed as he used the magnifying glass to check for bugs before placing the leaf on the paper.

The two friends even smelled the leaves to put their noses to work.

"It smells like peppermint coffee!" - T