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Community Art Event!


For this months Crafting for Kindness Event, join us as we honor Martin Luther King Jr through the art of weaving! We'll draw inspiration from the work of Sonia Gomes who weaves donated fabric in and around found objects such as metal, furniture or driftwood to create her sculptures.  Whether you're weaving your own creation or adding to a group project , we'll weave our stories together!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  January 16 2023

This is a Drop-in event

from 2:00-4:00

Side by Side Studio

2528 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, KY 40206


"My work is black, it is feminine, and it is marginal. I am a rebel. I never worried about masking or stifling anything that might or might not fit standards of what is called art.."-Sonia Gomes

Donations of fabric are encouraged...
especially if they have a story!

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