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The Whole Child: Wednesday Group 9.13.17 & 9.20.17

We have had a fun-filled two weeks! Together we have experimented in color mixing, caught shadows, found insects, and shared many laughs! Take a look at our busy days below


*Rain Cloud Painting*

W & T thoroughly enjoyed painting the rain clouds together. They mixed the paints creating new colors and shades. "I'm making a cupcake! A sugar cupcake!" - T

*Outdoor Creative Play*

Our friends F & R spent time trying to get the water out of the wheel. They kept flipping over the tire, but it would not come out! After they flipped one of the tires - thus moving it from its original position - F discovered a "grass wheel"! When asked why it was there F answered, "the wheel made it."

F also discovered a way to throw objects into the air by using a plank of wood and his foot. He placed a plank of wood over the gutter tubes. Then he put a leaf on one side of the wood and ran over to the other side. He would then place all of his weight in one of his feet and press down on the wood. The leaf would then fly up into his air to his enjoyment! He was proud of his accomplishment and showed it off to his friends.

Taking advantage of the beautiful day, we brought invitations outside! Our friends built towers and drew them! They created a masterpiece together and even found a slug!

*Self & Friend Drawing Invitation*

We continued our work with our faces by creating self portraits over photos of ourselves.

*Nature Walk*