Side by Side is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages to develop confidence and compassion through creative arts-based approaches to advocacy and education.


We offer preschool, youth, apprenticeship, and family art programs dedicated to social and emotional learning and advocacy. We specialize in programs developed from process based art, purposeful and child-led learning, and Project Based Learning philosophies. 

Community Programs

  • Customized Art Education for Pre-K through High School-aged Children.

  • Family Art Events

  • Trauma-Informed Art Based Programming

  • Teacher Training

  • After School Art Groups

  • Community Building Through Art

Art kit

Community Partners

  • Metro United Way

  • Community Foundation

  • Neighborhood House

  • The ACE Project

  • Women of the Well

  • Linking East & West

  • Louisville Metro Government in partnership with the Fund for the Arts--Imagine Greater Louisville 2020.

  • Fund For the Arts

  • Pheonix Rising

  • Kentucky Foundation for Women

Founder and Director


Kim Frazier-Pirog, mother of two and founder of Side by Side, has been working with children and youth for 20 years.  She holds multiple degrees including a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Studio Arts from the University of Louisville, as well as a degree in Health and Human Services. She started Side By Side in order to help put the joy back into learning and give all families and youth a chance and place to spend quality, stress free, enjoyable time together. 

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