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Whole Child: A Thankful Thanksgiving!

It's hard to believe that December is almost here! We had a great Thanksgiving week last week with our kiddos on Monday and Wednesday.

We started both of our days with talking about the word "Thankful" and what it means to be thankful as well as some of the things we're thankful for. Some of our friends said that during Thanksgiving we eat a big meal and have fun with our families!

A few of the things our friends mentioned they were thankful for were "My Gorilla Family," "All the people of the world," and "Mixing up colors"! After talking about what we were thankful, we each had a chance to draw or write what we said in our floor book.

Once we were done discussing what we were thankful for, we wanted to make something to take home to show our families just how thankful we are! We made Thankful Mobiles so we could draw or paint and hang each thing we were thankful for.

We also painted wooden blocks to hang from our mobiles as well as attached small bells to the ends of the strings. We talked about how each time we heard the bells ring or the blocks tap together, their sounds could help us remember what we were thankful for!

(Painting our sticks and wooden blocks to add to our mobiles!)

(Drawing what we're thankful for!)

(Stringing our mobiles!)

Our finished Thankful Mobiles!

Since we had sunny weather last week our Monday friends were able to enjoy some time outside!

E and EG helped build a balance beam and a bench with our tires and wood planks.

Our friends also figured out they could use the wooden planks as a ramp and roll Holly Tree Berries down it! They enjoyed seeing how fast their berries would roll.

Our friends on Wednesday spent most of their time indoors and explored some of our new additions to the studio. We recently got some Picasso tiles that are magnetic! R and T enjoyed stacking the tiles to make different creations. T helped R make a house for his gorilla family.

We also got a new scale that many of our friends enjoyed using to weight different items in our loose parts area.

We had a very full week and hope that our families enjoyed their time together and remembering what they're thankful for!

Until next time!

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