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Whole Child: Wednesday Group 1.8.17 & 1.15.17

Busy bodies and busy minds at the studio!


*Number & Letter Projector Invitation*

The light table is gone and a new machine has taken its place! The kiddos were very excited to explore our projector! The large letters and numbers sparked their interest in the beginning.

R placed the letter "D" on the projector. F said, "That's in my name!" R responded by saying, "No, this is in your name" and placed the letter "F" on the projector. F replied, "They're both in my name!"

The children grew tired of the letters and grabbed the fall manipulatives and rocks. This led them into guessing how many acorns they placed on the projector without actually counting them. They observed size differences by using the rocks on the projector. The materials then quickly became props in their good versus evil dramatic play.

This week we took the fall manipulatives away from the projector invitation to use in another invitation. This encouraged the kiddos to use the spools, corks, and popsicle sticks instead.

"It looks like donuts!" - T proclaimed after they stood a bunch of spools and corks on the glass.