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The Whole Child: Monday Group 9.25.17 & 10.2.17

A new season brings new changes and new experiences!


*Shadow Hunt*

We went hunting for shadows on our nature walk! We read Lines That Wiggle before our walk which helped spark our hunt! Our friends enjoyed looking for different kinds of lines to trace.

*Outdoor Creative Play*

Thanks to the beautiful weather we have had a never-ending opportunity to explore invitations outdoors! Introducing liquid watercolors to our friends encouraged them to invent new colors. We delved further into shapes by studying circles. We painted cylinder tubes and used paint dobbers for pointillism-inspired masterpieces. We used tree trunks and spools to construct tall towers together.

*Circle Exploration*

We continued our play with circles inside with finger painting and collaging with circle punches.

*Fall Floor Book*

Together we welcomed our new season of Fall! We talked about what we already knew about Fall and what we could see outside in Fall. This little brainstorm session was the perfect introduction to our new invitations.

*Fall Colors Exploration*