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The Whole Child: Monday Group 9.11.17 & 9.18.17

What a fantastic start to our Monday group! The past two weeks have been filled with laughs, questions, discussions, and walks!

*Together Time*

After we all have physically arrived at the studio, we take a little bit of time together in the morning to fully arrive as individuals who are ready to learn! We began writing in our Whole Child floor book by brainstorming about how we felt on our first day.

*Outdoor Creative Play*

We have been lucky to have BEAUTIFUL days to spend outside moving our bodies!

*Hide & Seek*

Our Monday group is particularly fond of Hide & Seek! We have spent a good helping of our time outside taking turns counting and finding. Hide & Seek is a great method of practicing our numbers and resisting our temptation at peeking! :-)

*Building and Sketching Invitation*

In order to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather, we have been taking our invitations outside! Our friends have enjoyed building with our wooden blocks so I set up an area for them to not only continue building, but to also encourage the opportunity for planning and sketching their finished towers. W enjoyed using the sketching supplies to "draw numbers". Together we practiced writing the number 2. He carried his clipboard with him all day!