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The Whole Child: Wednesday Group 9.27.17 & 10.4.17

FALL IS HERE! Our exploration of the Autumn season has officially started


*Fall Floor Book*

We welcomed the Autumn Equinox by brainstorming about what we know about Fall/Autumn. We talked about the colors of fall and what holidays we celebrate. We also practiced our balancing skills in honor of the equinox - a time when both the sun and moon share an equal time in the sky.

*Leaf Hunt/Outdoor Park Play*

After our Shadow Hunt last week, our friends wanted to go on another hunt this week! We went on a Leaf Hunt to celebrate Fall! We collected a variety of leaves to keep in our Floor Book and to take back to the studio. Our friends found a live Cicada in the grass and used the large sticks as light sabers for dramatic play. Ms. Victoria spent time with W working on drawing our W's.

*Fall Colors Exploration*