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The Whole Child: Monday Group 10.9.17 & 10.16.17

We have been a very busy group!

*Color Mixing & Absorption*

Our kiddos have fallen in LOVE with our watercolor mixing area! We brought it back out again for another week, but added sponges, cotton balls, and string. These simple objects furthered our discoveries and conversations about a variety of topics. The kiddos found out that the sponges and cotton balls would suck up all the color and liquid! But, when you squeezed the sponges you could get all the water back out again! This task was easier with the sponges than it was with the cotton balls. E found out that he could suck up the water with one pipette and then drop the water out of that pipette directly into another a pipette. What an extraordinary display of concentration and determination!

Below are some snippets of our conversations:

"I can mix up a color of purple!" - E

"I made red! Dark reds!" - E

There were a few insects flying around our heads while we were working. E used the string as if he was whipping the mosquito out of the air. "I used the string to kill mosquitoes away - like a cowboy." I let E know that cowboys use a lasso to herd their animals which led to a conversation on ropes. "I want to make a rope. Ropes are so cool. Cool means something is cool and you can see it again." - E

"I've changed my mind - I'm making bird treats! When the birds come they can take one cotton ball and eat it!" - E

"It's orange!" - C

"I'm doing a science experiment! I'm making a potion for my sister to not get in my stuff!" - EG Her potion recipe consisted of watercolors, paint, and puddle water. When EG poured her mixed concoction into the puddle we were warned, "Watch out - it's about to explode!"

*Music Instruments Invitation*

Our friend E came into the studio while I was sweeping the floor. I asked him if he wanted to help and he replied, "Sweeping is not my favorite. I like painting - that's my favorite. I have to work hard on this." I then asked him what exactly he felt like painting and making. He enthusiastically exclaimed, "INSTRUMENTS!!!"

Thus began our morning of figuring out how we could use our recycled materials to make musical instruments. E said we could make a guitar, ukulele, drum, or some sound makers (maracas). We determined that maracas would be the easiest instrument to make given the materials we had available. E & C picked out some containers to begin painting their maracas. "Maybe we could paint them. What will green and yellow make? It makes light green!" - E

After spending some time painting our containers, we discovered that the paint would not stick to the plastic. Out came the tape! Our kiddos have been practicing their tape skills over the past couple of weeks and it was evident as they quickly tore off pieces of washi tape to decorate. We filled our maracas with pasta, taped the top shut, and got to shaking! We were beyond happy with our creations and loved using them to make beats. They even made great building blocks!

*Fall Math Manipulatives*

We have added a new invitation for counting and number recognition. This will be a permanent area for our kiddos to use during each visit. Not only do they enjoy counting the wooden acorns (PERFECT for our friends with any nut allergies), but they also make great props for dramatic play. E and C enjoyed hiding them in the tunnels we painted a few weeks ago. "We're squirrels!" - C

*Pumpkin Play Dough Invitation*

We added a fall sensory experience this week with some natural pumpkin spice play dough. Our kiddos made cakes, castles, and tacos!

*Paint Invitations*

Over the past few weeks our friends have been working on a collaborative tree painting with our Wednesday group. We have finally retired our tree painting and it is currently displayed on our Whole Child wall in the studio. Our friends have enjoyed freestyle painting where they can mix their own colors and paint whatever they imagine. EG has perfected her technique of flicking paint off of her finger to create tiny drops of paint on her paper. This week she used her special technique in her sunset painting. We also had a request for some clay painting. The kiddos used pipettes to add small amounts of water to dried clay. Once they added enough water to soften the clay they were able to use clay as a new painting medium! EG used the clay to paint a fiber wall hanging in our studio. :-)

*Creative Play*

Over the past two weeks our friends have:

- Built a dog float

- Explored patterns on the light table

- Constructed towers in our newly expanded block area

"I'm hammering my tower so it doesn't fall." - W

- Practiced writing in journals

- Watered all the plants in our front yard

- Read stories together :-)


*Squirrel House*

Last week our friends discovered a squirrel home and stocked it with acorns. This week we HAD to check on the home to see what happened. Would the acorns still be there? Would there be a squirrel there? How many acorns would be left? After we rushed over to the hole in the tree, our kiddos found ZERO acorns leftover. The squirrel must have eaten all of them! Our friends then started their collection of acorns all over again. They searched all over the park for nuts - digging in the dirt and looking on tree branches. They left a few acorns in the squirrel's house as we left. I wonder if they will still be there next time?!

I have started a library book sign up if any families would like to bring in some books from the library for us to borrow. I know a lot - if not all - of our Whole Child families spend some of their time at our local libraries. While you're there if you would like to pick a couple books for our classroom to read it would be appreciated! This way we can keep a fresh rotation of books in our personal library. I have a sign up sheet located next to our sign in area. We will keep the borrowed books for 2 weeks at a time so that families won't be late with returning them. Please let me know if you have any questions! :-)

We will also be having an Autumn/Fall Celebration coming up! Kiddos are encouraged to come to the studio in their costumes on Monday, October 30th!

See you next week!

-- Victoria

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