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The Whole Child: Monday Group 10.9.17 & 10.16.17

We have been a very busy group


*Color Mixing & Absorption*

Our kiddos have fallen in LOVE with our watercolor mixing area! We brought it back out again for another week, but added sponges, cotton balls, and string. These simple objects furthered our discoveries and conversations about a variety of topics. The kiddos found out that the sponges and cotton balls would suck up all the color and liquid! But, when you squeezed the sponges you could get all the water back out again! This task was easier with the sponges than it was with the cotton balls. E found out that he could suck up the water with one pipette and then drop the water out of that pipette directly into another a pipette. What an extraordinary display of concentration and determination!

Below are some snippets of our conversations:

"I can mix up a color of purple!" - E

"I made red! Dark reds!" - E

There were a few insects flying around our heads while we were working. E used the string as if he was whipping the mosquito out of the air. "I used the string to kill mosquitoes away - like a cowboy." I let E know that cowboys use a lasso to herd their animals which led to a conversation on ropes. "I want to make a rope. Ropes are so cool. Cool means something is cool and you can see it again." - E

"I've changed my mind - I'm making bird treats! When the birds come