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Art Meets Science: Day 4!

It's hard to believe today was our last day of Art Meets Science camp for this week and the entire summer! The week has flown by, and we had a final day full of discussing all types of birds, including chickens, and we even got to see and hold a special surprise from our own chickens!

We started our day with our morning together time, and Ms. Kim read us a special book called Hello Chickens!

We learned that chickens like to live in a special chicken house called a coop and that some chickens live on farms and some live in backyards like our chickens!

Chickens can come in many different colors including brown, white, black, yellow, and all kinds of other colors. Female chickens are called hens, and they are the chickens that lay eggs.

Our campers told us about other creatures they knew about that lay eggs including snakes and other reptiles!

We also had a special surprise to show our campers this morning...