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Art Meets Science: Day 2!

We were so excited to see our campers again this morning for another day of exploration and discovery!

Upon arrival, many of our campers quickly checked on our cricket habitat and even went on a hunt for more crickets!

Yesterday on our nature walk, many of our campers were intrigued by the bark on the outside of the trees we saw. To further explore their inquiries and how the science of trees is incorporated into nature and art, we started off our together time outside discussing trees!

Our campers noted that we get wood from trees to make and build lots of different structures like: houses, fences, benches, buildings, churches, birdhouses, docks, and boats (to name just a few)!

We also learned that the leaves on trees and other plants help to clean our air and give us oxygen so we can breathe!

Ms. Kim showed us how you can use flattened clay to imprint the texture of the tree's bark onto the clay!

We each then got our own piece of clay to take on our morning nature walk to explore and make our own prints.

We found that different types of trees have different bark and will make different patterns on our clay!

We even discovered that telephone poles are made of wood and have their own unique pattern and texture.

We could re-shape our clay to re-use it and explore making more than one print.

Some campers decided to try and use materials other than bark to discover different textures. Some put their clay against concrete, pebble stepping stones, a walnut, and even a stop sign pole!

After lots of nature and clay printing, we made our way back to the studio to have snack and a water break...but not before stopping for a quick check on our chickens!

After snack, a few campers wanted to delve back into color mixing with our magic color wands so we got our markers, water, trays and pipettes back out for a few more minutes of color investigation.

Some of our budding architects and engineers used rulers and levels to practice their 2D drawing by making lines, buildings & other structures on paper, including a spider web!

After some practice, we put our mastered engineer and building skills to the test using scrap wood (from trees!) to build our own 3D structures.

Our campers made all kinds of structures including ships, houses, churches, and a park!

We finished up our day with more tinkering and building inside and outside!

It's hard to believe we're already half way done with this week of camp! Can't wait for another fun day ahead of us tomorrow!

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