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Art Meets Science: Day 2!

We were so excited to see our campers again this morning for another day of exploration and discovery!

Upon arrival, many of our campers quickly checked on our cricket habitat and even went on a hunt for more crickets!

Yesterday on our nature walk, many of our campers were intrigued by the bark on the outside of the trees we saw. To further explore their inquiries and how the science of trees is incorporated into nature and art, we started off our together time outside discussing trees!

Our campers noted that we get wood from trees to make and build lots of different structures like: houses, fences, benches, buildings, churches, birdhouses, docks, and boats (to name just a few)!

We also learned that the leaves on trees and other plants help to clean our air and give us oxygen so we can breathe!

Ms. Kim showed us how you can use flattened clay to imprint the texture of the tree's bark onto the clay!