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Art Meets Science Camp: Day 3

Another great day at the studio! Painting, beading, tying, observing,and learning all day!

Day 3:

*Together Time*

We began our day our usual way with coming together as a group. We reviewed the day before and added comments and ideas to our book.

Sketching plants that we noticed earlier while on our nature walk!

Families will able to see our book during our mini art showcase!

*Prism Catchers*

Today we explored light and rainbows. We learned about prisms from our friend who taught us during our Together Time! (You can see the video on our Facebook page - it's totally cute!)

Using recycled CDs, sticks, beads, paper, twine, and special prism "jewels," we created our Prism Catchers.

We had to be very careful while holding the twine and stringing the beads in both of our hands at the same time!

Two of our campers working tirelessly at stringing their beads!

One of our campers went hunting for rainbows with her special prism bead!

*Hydrangea Painting*

We continued to use the liquid watercolors we mixed earlier this week to paint hydrangeas we plucked yesterday.

Some of us explored mixing colors further today!

What a variety of paintings and drawings - from abstract to detailed sketches!

*Hole in a Leaf Learning Story*

One camper punched a hole in a leaf and pulled a long piece of grass through it. She wanted to tie the grass in a knot to create a loop and asked for help.

After receiving help, the camper proudly showed off her creation!

Another camper noticed her creation and wanted to make his own, however, he came to an obstacle. He couldn't figure out how she made a hole in her leaf - he tried to make one with his finger, but it wouldn't work. Faced with a conflict, he resolved it by asking his friend for help.

She showed him how a certain piece of a leaf stem would punch through the leaf.

He observed her work and thanked her for her help!

During this seemingly small part of the day, our campers worked on their fine motor skills, their social skills, and their problem solving skills! A good reminder of how even the tiniest situations are a learning experience for children (and even for adults!)! :-)

*Nature Walk*

We're going on an adventure!

We brought our book and our mat with us so that we could get comfy while we added our nature observations!

Scientists don't go anywhere without their journals and neither do we!

Our campers decided to put on a play - a Star Wars play!

They searched the area for props!

A camper found the perfect lightsaber!

Studying the leaves on the trees!

We found a bunch of feathers!

I wonder why they are all here in this spot?


Our studio is prepped and ready for our campers and their art show tomorrow! I can't wait until our families see their work!


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