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Art Meets Science Camp: Day 1

It's Monday which means the start of a new camp! We were so excited for our friends to arrive at our studio! This week we will explore a variety of sciences and scientists!


Day 1:

*Together Time*

We spent our beginning moments coming together. After introducing ourselves we discussed different kinds of scientists and what they study.

Our friends could either draw or write their responses - or have one of us write it for them. We collected our ideas from our brainstorming session in our Floor Book. Throughout the week, we will be adding to our book with our activities, hypotheses, ideas, and pictures.

I was VERY impressed with our campers' responses! From "Jane Goodall" to "paleontologist" our campers blew me away!

*Fossil Dig Sensory Bin*

Our sensory bin will be available for our campers to explore all week!

Using tools, they can excavate the hidden fossils and observe them up close!

*Investigation Station*

There will also be an area dedicated to close investigation of assorted objects and materials all week.

Today we inspected fresh flowers and dead flowers. We observed mold growing on the wilted flowers while the fresh flowers didn't have any mold.

Our campers carefully sketched the flowers as a whole. Some campers broke down the flowers into pieces - studying the color varieties that were present.

*Color Mixing Flags*

Our first color mixing experiment started with magenta, turquoise, and yellow liquid water colors. We could mix them together using eye droppers (or pipettes!) and invent new colors!

Once our campers were satisfied with the colors they made they could paint their flags using paintbrushes!

"I made a potion flag! -Camper

"I'm making a gray" -Camper

"I'm making a pretty flag!" -Camper

"I made tea!" -Camper

"To me green and yellow make green." -Camper

"Pink and blue make dark blue!" -Camper

*Color Mixing Wands*

To further our exploration into color mixing, we used old markers and water to invent new colors!

"Pipettes are how you can get water and suck it up into it and then drop it out." -Camper

"I made blood!" "We need a bottle for our potion! Get all of the blood potion into the bottle!" -Camper

"We're making a poison apple potion!" -Camper

"It's bottled wine!" -Camper

"I made wine color!" -Camper

"This is grape wine and this is the brownish wine!" -Camper

"I made gold!" -Camper

Check out how our colors changed:

"She made diarrhea from Dominoes!" -Camper

*Nature Journals*

Scientists write and draw their observations so we needed to make our own journals to use!

First we had to decorate the covers of our journals!

"I'm a good butterfly drawler!" "I just saw a GIANT rainbow butterfly with sparkles! It DEFINITELY has eyes and a mouth. And it's SO PRETTY! It has glitter! Oh boy! It's like so pretty! -sigh- It was so pretty! I can't believe you missed it! It was wonderful!" -Camper

*Nature Walk*

Then we were ready to walk and explore!

One camper passed out pencils to others! :-)

We had a deal that if anyone saw something that they wanted to sketch or write, they would shout, "Stop!" and we would pause as a group.

Our campers were very curious about this tall plant!

We noticed that if we changed our perspective and looked up at the plant from the ground the plant looked different!

We found some trees with interesting bark. Luckily we found some bark on the ground that we took back to the studio to investigate more later!

Some of our campers wanted to sit in the tree and sketch!

"I drew a butterfly!" -Camper

"I drew a Magnolia leaf!" -Camper

WOW! Today went by so fast! We had a WONDERFUL day getting to know our friends!

Tomorrow will be out of this world!


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