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Think BIG Art Camp: Day 3


Today we celebrated the BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST day of the year by creating wings and walking in a parade!

Day 3:

*Giving Ourselves Wings*

We couldn't wait for our campers to arrive and see our invitation!

We gathered together in a circle to discuss which animals we see in summer. Then we thought about which of those animals have wings!

Creation Begins!

We like to get comfy when we paint!

We could glue rhinestones, feathers, flowers, and miscellaneous paper shapes on our wings!

*Collaging the Sun*

While we worked together we talked about warm colors and shapes. Together we finished our "Happy Solstice!" banner to carry in our parade.

*Story Time*

Taking a break, we read bits of the book "The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice" by Wendy Pfeffer. We learned about why today is special and how different cultures celebrate the solstice.

*Solstice Sticks*

Inspired by the Swedish Midsummer Pole we read about in our story, we used our fine motor skills to carefully wrap sticks with strings and tie them in knots.


We were so excited to begin our walk!

Fly Butterflies Fly!

Today might have been my best summer solstice yet! What a whimsical day!

Tomorrow we get MESSY.


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