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Think BIG Art Camp: Day 2

Another gorgeous day for us to explore in the sunshine! Continuing with the campers' interests we organized a fun-filled day for all!

Day 2:

*The Slug!*

While setting up a ramp invitation outside I found a slug on a tunnel. Thankfully, around that same time our campers began arriving because I knew they would love to see it too!

As we observed the slug's movements on the tunnel we came to the decision that we should try moving the slug so we could see it up close and sketch it.

We learned how to use magnifying glasses to zoom in on the slug! We noticed the slug's optical tentacles grow longer and shorter.

*Upcycled Sculptures*

This morning's challenge was to see how TALL we could build!

In order to find the best way to construct tall towers we experimented how to attach two objects together.

One camper discovered that holding the material between her legs helped steady her tower so that she could tape and hold it at the same time.

"I think mine is the tallest." - Camper

When were satisfied with our buildings we decorated them!

We liked to work under the table for a change!

This sibling duo proudly showed off their sculpture!

*Ramp Exploration*

Again, our campers were very interested in rolling the ball off of different surfaces and ramps. These two got creative and made a ramp out of the stair mats!

"I'm going to get another one to make it longer." -Camper


*Bag Painting*

Per our campers' request, we painted the other side of our bags using toothbrushes, forks, and combs!

"LOOK!" -Camper :-)

*BIG Utensil Painting*

To continue our study on painting with anything other than brushes, we explored how to use household utensils as tools.

We LOVE group projects!

Hitting the paper instead of *brushing* it resulted with a different pattern!

"Look at my hands!" -Camper

*Story Time*

We read two of our absolutely FAVORITE books "The Peace Book"" and "It's Okay to Be Different" both by the author Todd Parr.

And had some fun while we listened!


I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be MAGICAL as we celebrate the summer solstice! See you then!


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