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Art-Nature-Mindfulness Camp: Day 4

What an absolutely positively terrific Thursday!

Day 4:

*Mindful Morning*

After some Bunny Breathing we walked our dogs. :-)

Yoga zombies slowly rolling up from their forward folds.

There was a competition to see who could be the slowest zombie.

*Clay Creature Painting*

The campers concentrated on getting their characters just right!

*Nature Shadows*

Using some of the materials we had collected during our nature walks, we printed and stamped with leaves on our spray watercolor masterpieces.

The campers were excited to experience the stamping magic!

The nature shadows finished off our spray watercolor tapestry project perfectly! We love the contrast!

*Nature Walk*

During our nature walk today we took the time to pause and write about our clay creatures. What were they? Where did they live? Do they have names?

We also stopped to draw a horse!

And take a group shot!

*The Opossum*

The campers had wondered how the opossum had been doing all week. We were constantly getting asked, "Can we check on the opossum?" Today we caved into their request and compared how it used to look in the beginning of the week. It turned out to be a fantastic *yet slightly morbid* learning experience as we discussed our observations and made predictions as to what would happen to it next.

*Habitat Construction*

Step 1: Refreshing Water Break

Step 2: Gather Materials

Step 3: CREATE!!!

Love the tape cutting concentration face! :-)


I can't believe tomorrow is already the last day of camp! We have thoroughly enjoyed every hour with this group of campers!


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