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Art-Nature-Mindfulness Camp: Day 2

Another wonderful day at camp! Today we spent a majority of our time in the sun - walking, playing, sketching, and printing!

Day 2:

*Mindful Morning*

This morning we closed our eyes and shut ourselves off from the outside world - learning to be truly present in the moment.

We had a room full of trees - some solid in their roots and some blowing softly in the wind.

*Sun Printing Tapestries*

Our first step was to paint our fabric with special light sensitive paint in our makeshift bathroom turned *dark room*.

We quickly placed our nature material designs on our fabric and set them in the sunlight.

Then we waited and let the sun do the work!

We noticed how the color changed the longer it was in the sunlight.

*Nature Walk*

While we waited for our prints to finish, we took our daily nature walk.

*Sun Print Tapestries Part 2*

Once we returned from our walk and filled our bellies with lunch it was time to rinse our sun prints and let them dry.

Some campers chose a more abstract design while others chose smiley faces. :-)

*Tinker Time*

The studio was filled with bustling creative energy as the campers invented new products using recycled materials.

That's a giant guitar!

*Pebble Meditation*

To begin our pebble meditation practice for the afternoon we painted the pouches we sewed yesterday.

Calming watercolor circles.

Coming together upstairs to close our day, we added a mountain pebble to our collection.

See ya tomorrow campers!


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