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Art-Nature-Mindfulness Camp: Day 3

As one of our campers wrote, "Welcome to the best place to make new friends!" I couldn't agree more!

Day 3:

*Mindful Morning*

Relaxing in Child's Pose.

Standing firm in Tree Pose.

Together we are warriors of peace.

*Clay Creatures*

Using feathers, acorns, wood shapes, dried pasta, pinecones, googly eyes, and imagination the campers created clay animals, aliens, and food.

After they were satisfied with their creations we set our clay out to dry. Each camper made such a unique character!

*Nature Walk*

The campers brought along some of their hand-crafted watering tools they made in our tinkering area.

Sometimes they watered each other...

...and sometimes they watered plants along our walk.

The campers practiced figure drawing using a dog statue they found on a neighbor's porch!

*Spray Watercolor Tapestries*

The first step to a two part art project - we spray painted squares of fabric using liquid watercolors.

Can't wait to finish these up tomorrow!

Sad to think that our week together is halfway finished, but I am thankful for the time we do have!


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