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Leo Lionni Inspired Collages

Family Art & Storytime at Side by Side!

In case you missed us last Sunday, we a had a great time reading and creating as families! After reading Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni, our families enjoyed collecting natural materials to use in their collages. We let our inspiration from Leo Lionni's illustrations guide us!

Each collage was different and each told a unique story!

*Working together, we can find a variety of materials in nature!*

*We like to call this our glue concentration face! :-)*

*What may seem like a simple blade of grass can turn into a column for a building or eyelashes for a face! We just need to use our imaginations!*

*Our friend was very excited to show off her masterpieces!*

Join us next time for our Family Art and Storytime! We host them every last Sunday of the month!

See you next month!


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