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Process Art Project Inspired by Louise Nevelson

Today I had the pleasure of working with students at a local child development center!

Originally, I had planned a whole other project based upon print-making, but somehow I had forgotten to bring the most important art material...paint. A car trunk full of art supplies and yet I couldn't find any tempera paint! HA!

Good thing there is always Plan B!

I scrapped together a variety of wood objects, wood disks, and glue. Luckily, I had managed to find one tube of black tempera paint hiding out under some tote bags. Put them all together and we would have a masterpiece inspired by Louise Nevelson, an artist famous for her monochromatic wall pieces.


**Using our fine motor skills to carefully paint the small wood pieces. The round pieces are more difficult to hold in our hands so we get a little messy.**

**Working together we begin to fill up our circles!**

Working together we start to fill up our circles!

**"The colors are changing! I like to mix the black paint and the glue together!"**

**One of our finished pieces!**

The kids and I had a wonderful time painting and gluing in the sun! I encouraged them to search for other black objects to add to their pieces. I can't wait to see what they look like next week!

Until next time!


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