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Ice Painting

Ice painting is by far one of my most favorite art activities! It’s always a kid favorite as well! So much inquiry and intrigue is created with this activity!

“Where is the ice going” the kids want to know? Which of course brings upon the conversation of what happens to ice when it melts? As we discuss how ice turns into water we then have more thoughts about where does ice come from……”did you make the ice” they want to know? I answer “Yes in a freezer”…..”I have food in my freezer” one child announces! So we learn that we can freeze things other than water.

We also discuss how heat or warm things melt ice. We talk about how our bodies are warm which makes the ice in our hand melt faster than if we just lay it on our papers. A few of the children experiment with this idea by holding and rubbing the ice between their hands.

As a continued experiment I let the children take a few pieces of ice to the playground with them to place in the sun and ask that they report back to me with their findings!

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