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Exploring Natures Shadows and Shapes

As trees begin to blossom and the world is once again a beautiful cheery shade of green I can’t help but soak up every piece of nature! I love the little treasures we find while on walks and bringing our finds back to the studio makes for lovely explorations and works of art.

Today we enjoyed exploring the different shadows each piece created when projected onto the wall. We even taped a large piece of paper to the wall to paint and explore the beauty of shape and shadow closer.

Our littlest friends enjoyed painting the bark and creating prints. They especially enjoyed getting to use the big roller! I choose to introduce just black and white as our paint choices for the day. Exploring and discovering how little black paint it takes to darken white while in contrast noticing how MUCH white it takes to lighten black. This is always such an interesting discovery for children or anyone exploring the science of color theory!

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