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The Whole Child: Samhain Celebration

October 31, 2017

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Art Meets Science Camp: Day 1

June 26, 2017

It's Monday which means the start of a new camp! We were so excited for our friends to arrive at our studio! This week we will explore a variety of sciences and scientists!


 Day 1: 


*Together Time*



We spent our beginning moments coming together. After introducing ourselves we discussed different kinds of scientists and what they study. 



Our friends could either draw or write their responses - or have one of us write it for them. We collected our ideas from our brainstorming session in our Floor Book. Throughout the week, we will be adding to our book with our activities, hypotheses, ideas, and pictures. 


I was VERY impressed with our campers' responses! From "Jane Goodall" to "paleontologist" our campers blew me away!



*Fossil Dig Sensory Bin*


Our sensory bin will be available for our campers to explore all week!  



Using tools, they can excavate the hidden fossils and observe them up close!




*Investigation Station*



There will also be an area dedicated to close investigation of assorted objects and materials all week. 



Today we inspected fresh flowers and dead flowers. We observed mold growing on the wilted flowers while the fresh flowers didn't have any mold.


Our campers carefully sketched the flowers as a whole. Some campers broke down the flowers into pieces - studying the color varieties that were present. 



*Color Mixing Flags*