Summer of Art

Art classes for
middle-school age

Art Class(ages 5-9 years old)

When: Fridays, June 25 - July 30, 10AM - 11AM

(6 week class)

Details: This class is full of all things color! Creative, playful and a little messy! Join us in the studio this summer for an art class for children ages 5-9 years old. We will spend time in nature in our outdoor create spaces, painting, building, drawing and letting our imaginations run wild. Each week will include instruction on a new technique or style while leaving room for the children to explore their own artistic voice. Children will practice mixing shades and tints, explore paper marbling, experiment with ice tie dye, create splatter paintings and make their own paints from clay, mud and natural pigments!


Who: Children ages 5-9

Cost: $120 (6 art classes)


Art Class (ages 10-14 years old)

When: Wednesdays, June 23 - July 28, 4:00PM-5PM (6 week class)

Details: In this class we will journey into art history and learn about a diverse range of techniques and artists. We will gather inspiration from ​different cultures, time periods, styles, and movements and then dive into creating our own unique works of art. ​This class is designed for children ages 10-14 and will include instruction on the week's feature artist or process while simultaneously leaving room for the student to explore their own artistic style. With a focus on sparking creativity and self-expression, we will use an assortment of real materials including but not limited to: canvases, acrylic paints, liquid watercolors, collage, oil pastels, charcoal, fibers, and more!


Who: Children ages 10-14

Cost: $132 (6 art classes)