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The Whole Child: Samhain Celebration

October 31, 2017

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Whole Child: Monday Group 11.6.17 & 11.13.17

November 14, 2017


*Number & Letter Projector Invitation*



"What is this thing?" E excitedly asked as he came through the door.


We introduced our new "machine" to our friends and explained that it is a projector for casting images onto our wall. The kiddos used large numbers, letters, popsicle sticks, and our fall manipulatives as tools to explore letter and number concepts. 


"I want to make a 'W'!" - W


"'X' marks the spot! Hexagon doesn't." - E


"What happens when I put my hat on it?" - W (Then rolls of laughter as the entire wall got dark from being covered with his hat.)


Our friends talked to each other and helped each other distinguish between colors, letters, and numbers. They also had to talk to each other in order to work cooperatively together towards one goal. If one person wanted to use the projector the other person might have to wait until he was finished. They learned to ask one another, "Are you finished?" before "erasing" their work from the projector. It took a few tries, but by the end of the day everyone was cohesively working together!


"There are two ones!" - C observed after placing two number ones and a 'L' on the projector. 


"Look it's my hand!" - W said as he placed his hand in different positions on the glass. Our friend EG used this idea later on in the day to try and make shadow puppets for a puppet show.


"I'm going to make some cool numbers!" - E said before using three separate numbers to make one whole new number (432). He then placed two 1s on the glass. "1 and a 1 make eleven! A 2 and a 0 and another 0 makes 200! That's a pretty cool number!" - E


EG used the projector to sort and organize our materials. She made two categories - acorns and leaves. After she was finished she discovered, "The acorns have more!" I asked her how else she could sort the manipulatives. After some hard thought we both came up with the idea of organizing the acorns and leaves by color. 


E enjoyed making shapes and pictures using the popsicle sticks. He made a magnifying glass, squares, and "a machine to see in your body!"



*Fall Vegetable Printing Invitation*