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Art-Nature-Mindfulness Camp: Day 1

Summer Camp Season Has Begun!

This week we kick off our summer camps with Art-Nature-Mindfulness Camp. Each day we will begin with a group welcome in our "relaxing room" where we will learn different breathing exercises and stretch our muscles. The rest of the day will include a variety of process art projects, a mindful nature walk, and a snack!

Day 1:

*Elephant Breathing*

This morning we introduced Elephant Breathing to our campers! Just as elephants use their trunks to shower themselves with water - we used our arms to shower ourselves with happiness.

*Walking Stick Creation*

Using acrylic paints and a selection of beads, pipe cleaners, and strings, we designed our own walking sticks to use on our nature walks.

*Nature Walk*

Gathering nature materials to use for our week's projects.

No matter where you are walking, you should always stop and smell the flowers.

We created nature journals to use during our daily strolls around our neighborhood.

*The Opossum*

We were *lucky* to find a deceased opossum on our walk. The kids were beyond eager to stop, sketch it...

...and inspect it!

*Nature Self-Portraits*

*Pebble Meditation*

Each day we will close with a pebble meditation inspired by the book "A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles" written by Thich Nhat Hahn.

Success! Our first day was SO MUCH fun!

I can't wait to show them what we have in store for tomorrow! :-)


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