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Handmade Wood Flower



Flower presses are a must have for every nature collector and explorer both young and old! They are a wonderful way to save and later treasure the wonders of nature.

Each press has been lovingly handmade at Side by Side with all of our young explorers in mind! We will miss all of our Summer Camp nature walks this year! We know however, being the explorers that you are, you will find many treasures to save and share with us again soon!!


Kit Includes:

-8x8 inch wood press

- bolts and wing nuts to tighten press

-two sheets of cardboard


Art Meets Science Color Mixing Kit


This kit was developed around our number one kid favorite activity at our studio! Its also an easy peasy set up and cleanup, which makes it a teacher favorite as well!


Color mixing and experimenting allows kids to control their own play and learning as its all about the process with this kit. Please check out our FREE E book: The Art of Potion Making for the many ways to explore your new Art Meets Science kit!


Kit Includes:

-Clear Color Mixing Tray

-4 pipettes

-4 test tubes

-Fruit Tea bags (used to explore color found in nature)

-Wood Craft Sticks (used to explore water and color absorption)

-Coffee Filters (used to further explore color mixing)

-Magic Color Wands... AKA Recycled Markers, now you'll have a new purpose for all your dried up markers!


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